Letter of Recommendation and Endorsement
Dr. Jane Parker DDS MS

Dr. Jane Parker is a 1979 distinguished graduate of the University of North Carolina Dental School Periodontal Residency Program with a Masters Degree in Periodontology. Prior to dental school she completed four years of a pharmacy program with an internship. Her exceptional knowledge of the physiology effects and chemistry of drugs for hospital patients makes Dr. Parker an outstanding choice for a member of your hospital staff.

Dr. Parker was the first female periodontist in North Carolina, and her superior knowledge of female issues as they relate to periodontal disease therapy is a real treasure for the Charlotte region that she can share with your hospital patients and staff.

As a practicing periodontist for more than 34 years specializing in restorative periodontal techniques that replaced the lost gingival and osseous tissues, Dr. Parker has displayed exceptional diagnostic and surgical skills that have resulted in the successful treatment of thousands of periodontal patients. This lifetime of study and clinical practice has placed Dr. Parker in the unique position of being able to help with the medical/dental interface as the health profession develops treatments for the oral/systemic interface where the mouth plays a pivotal role in providing the inflammatory mediators for many systemic diseases.

I know of no periodontist, other than Dr. Parker in the Charlotte region, who is better educated and trained to teach and treat the oral/systemic interface issues for all patients. Her long history and experience in teaching Doctors at all levels of experience and expertise plus her extensive communication skills will allow Dr. Parker to make significant contributions to your hospital.

My observation of Dr. Parker is a doctor of impeccable integrity and indefatigable energy that while being married and raising three children conducted a full time periodontal practice, taught in the general practice residency program at Carolinas Medical Center, found time to help in the Homeless Dental Clinic, teach dental skills in foreign countries, and travel to Boliva to provide dental care in 2010.

I would highly recommend Dr. Jane Parker DDS MS for a position on the staff of your hospital.

Dr. Harley Ellinger DDS FICD

Dr. Harley Ellinger, Jr.
Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr. Ellinger is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Periodontology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Ellinger received his dental degree from the Ohio State University in 1964. Subsequently he went on for additional specialty training and in 1970 obtained a certificate in Periodontology from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Dr. Ellinger maintains a successful private practice of periodontal therapy in Charlotte, NC